Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Celebrity Dude

Angie took the Dude to the Air Show in Lake Tahoe this weekend.
He was a big hit. Everybody wanted to pet him, play with him, get their picture taken with him, get his autograph, etc...

Well, he is a pretty handsome Dude!

He even got to go aboard a helicopter!
So the Dude had a pretty great day and Angie did too.

My buddy Roberto and family at the Grand Canyon this week.  Sorry I couldn't make it.  Holdin' it down at the Bomb Squad this week. 

Talia survived Hurricane Irene.  No power since 9 last night and a yard full of branches, but she got off relatively light.

Bob's in London.  His mom's not well. Hoping for the best.

That's all the news!

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