Saturday, April 16, 2011

In the ComputeSpace Tool Room

Working away in the Tool Room. Presentation coming up. Probably back in California at the end of the month. More on that later. Sharding the database and, if you're a basehead, you know that's nothing to be proud of.

Bomb Squad moved to new slave quarters this weekend. Got an email notice they're stripping me of my beloved whiteboards (it's a bureaucracy, after all!). Also being monitored on video now. Badges to monitor coming and going. Longer commute. More scrutiny. Some colleagues bugging about it. Not being a stranger to voluntary enslavement (had kids, you know), I am not.

The Dude got stood up for his playdate today. That was harsh. I think he needs an extra treat! Tal just bought her son his first car. I'm sure her hair colorist is pleased for all the new gray hair coverage to come!

Looking for an attorney with SMB and intellectual property experience based in California. If you wanna recommend your brother-in-law, comment here.
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