Monday, April 18, 2011

New Digs, Desktop Project

The Bomb Squad moved to new digs over the weekend.  I got a nice corner space with windows (much to be coveted around here!).  Added a new digital picture frame to my desk, so asking all friends and family to contribute portraits to the slide show.  Changing the lineup all the time and it's a good conversation topic ("Court, who's that cute girl on your desk?").

This week starting out with:
Angie, Tal, Zach, Jasmyne, Joeigh, Jorjanna, Erica, Dawn, Nan, Fred, Wallace, Roberto, Jeri, Kevin, Bob, Brigitte, Werner, Jerry, and the Dude.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sidney Lumet, an Homage

Sidney Lumet, film director extraordinaire, passed away last Saturday.  Along with the films of Joseph Sargent, his work had a profound effect on my thinking of what film should be and what my part could be within it as a provider of music cues.  His understanding of the tensions that run through American society struck me as unique.  Whether, racial, sexual, economic class, or gender, politics.  He was brilliant.  at weaving that through the world of the film and making you reflect on how we see the world.

I was always amazed at his ability to keep doing it so well into his 80s.  Directing is usually a young man's game.  I can hardly imagine doing a score at my age much less an entire film.

Even if you nothing about film, I'll bet you've been a fan of at least one of his films.

  • 12 Angry Men ('57)
  • The Fugitive Kind ('60)
  • John Brown's Raid ('60)
  • The Pawnbroker ('64) [Terry, where's my copy of this??]
  • Fail-Safe ('64)*
  • The Hill ('65)
  • The Deadly Affair ('66)*
  • King: A Filmed Record...Montgomery to Memphis ('70)
  • The Anderson Tapes ('71)
  • The Offence ('72)
  • Serpico ('73)
  • Murder on the Orient Express ('74)
  • Dog Day Afternoon ('75)
  • Network ('76)
  • Prince of the City ('81)
  • Deathtrap ('82)
  • The Verdict ('82)
  • Daniel ('83)
  • Power ('86)
  • Running on Empty ('88)
  • Q&A ('90)
  • Night Falls on Manhattan ('96)
  • Before the Devil Knows You're Dead ('07)*

* Hellz Yeah!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

In the ComputeSpace Tool Room

Working away in the Tool Room. Presentation coming up. Probably back in California at the end of the month. More on that later. Sharding the database and, if you're a basehead, you know that's nothing to be proud of.

Bomb Squad moved to new slave quarters this weekend. Got an email notice they're stripping me of my beloved whiteboards (it's a bureaucracy, after all!). Also being monitored on video now. Badges to monitor coming and going. Longer commute. More scrutiny. Some colleagues bugging about it. Not being a stranger to voluntary enslavement (had kids, you know), I am not.

The Dude got stood up for his playdate today. That was harsh. I think he needs an extra treat! Tal just bought her son his first car. I'm sure her hair colorist is pleased for all the new gray hair coverage to come!

Looking for an attorney with SMB and intellectual property experience based in California. If you wanna recommend your brother-in-law, comment here.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Everybody Needs Friends

Mister Horse having a few tough days but, as you can see, he still has friends.  Thanks for the picture, Angie.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Putting the Harbor Back Together

The boats that were sunk in the harbor during the recent tsunami are being craned off the bottom and repairs are being done on the piers.

Angie took a few pictures the other day.

Looking forward to seeing it myself in a few weeks when I'm back in Crescent City.  I'll also be heading to Silicon Valley to give a presentation so I hope I'll get to see those of you in the Bay Area.