Sunday, November 21, 2010


Having the rare weekend that I could devote exclusively to ComputeSpace and making the most of it. Locked away working 18 hours a day on it.

Figured I'd check in on the day job late Sunday afternoon just to keep my fingers on what's going on.

Today was the end of my week of on-call rotation and not a peep after-hours so it was good.

Then I got a call from Werner, "Dude, check your email. There's an emergency and the answering service says they couldn't reach you!"  I was incredulous.  My on-call phone was sitting right next to me in a backpack on a chair.

I logged in.  There was indeed a lot of panic going on and the client was a big fish.

I reached down and checked my on-call phone. It hadn't rung or beeped since I got a wrong number on Friday.  When I unlocked the keyboard I was greeted with:

System Error!

You have received a multimedia message yesterday at 2:35pm.

Title: "This is What I'm Doing Right Now!"

Okay.  Since the company assigned me the phone I've gotten a few calls for the previous owner of the number, a fellow named David.  Comedy clubs, ticket agencies, etc.

I'll leave it to your imagination as to the content of "This is What I'm Doing Right Now!" but, for me, the only issue was the video was so big it crashed my phone!  I deleted it and instantly received a prompt that I had missed 7 messages...

Fortunately, there is a backup on-call engineer who came in for the save, but was pretty unhappy with my lack of response.  So I had 'splainin' to do.

So, you're never really off.  And in that way, I guess it's a bit like war and General Sherman said, "War is Hell".  Of course, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote "Hell is Other People"...

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