Monday, November 08, 2010

The Bomb Squad

One of my reasons for being in Colorado is to make certain that we're able to keep ComputeSpace fairly independent and on track.  That's been pretty difficult over the past couple of years.

I'm doing some work for a company which shall remain nameless.  We call it the Bomb Squad because it seems as if every other minute there's a technical problem with a client that's about to blow up in your face.  If not, there's always at least one engineer who's had the pin pulled and is about to explode.

Did a mammoth amount of work last week and actually had a pleasant weekend off from the Bomb Squad.  Got my blast suit back on around 1am and logged in to look at the landscape.  Been working ever since.

A couple of delicate issues management wants handled as if they had mercury switches...

Next stop for ComputeSpace: We ought to be meeting with the McObject guys to talk embedded databases on Friday.  And we have something going online for Teacher's Day!  Stay tuned.

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