Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Last Nail...

It was a tough decision, but we've decided to cut OpenSolaris loose and are porting ComputeSpace over to Fedora Linux. 

There's been an awful lot of instability out there ever since Oracle devoured Sun and, having everything we do based on that technology was getting uncomfortable.

But the final nails in the coffin were the Gartner report noting that 50% of Sun users have migrated or are planning to migrate away from Sun since the Oracle acquisition (clearly, they don't trust Oracle), and the OpenSolaris community's complaint that Oracle has refused to engage with them in any way including providing a liaison.

If the handwriting isn't on the wall, someone's looking for a pen!  So we decided to cut the risk and go to Linux.  There's a lot of Linux expertise in the group so it's not a real uphill climb.

I'll miss the cool things in Solaris: DTrace, crossbow, etc.  But at this age, I miss lots of things and still have to keep walking forward.

The port is already underway and we hope there won't be any substantive delays to the upcoming previews.  The Sun has set and we';re donning our Fedoras...


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