Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rocky Returns!

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I was having breakfast and happened to look through the kitchen window when I spied the ever-so-sneaky Rocky the Raccoon stealthily making his way into our neighbor Bob's cabin. Hadn't seen Rocky for a quite a while. He often drops by Bob's to get a little cat food left in front of the door during the day.

He hung out at the front porch for a while, seemingly either admiring the flowers or making sure the coast was clear. I grabbed my camera and clicked off a few shots through the window at about 30 yards.

Actually, Rocky never did go into Bob's. After a while he turned tail, headed into the forest back down to the lake.

Perhaps he felt like some fish?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tough Times in Guatemala

My friend and ComputeSpace partner, Werner Cruz, has been in Guatemala for duration of the disaster going on down there.  He had flown down for a class reunion and, as it turns out, his was one of the last planes they allowed to land as the volcano, Volcan de Pacaya, had begun erupting.

a couple of days in, Tropical Storm Agatha arrived. 

He wrote sporadically that it was a mess.  He saw a house collapse that killed 4 kids.  Most of the bridges washed out and isolated many people including members of his own family.

After a couple of days of silence, I heard from him this morning.  He and his family are safe and they're now picking up the pieces. 

Werner says the big question is whether the airport will be reponened by Sunday when he's supposed to fly back to the U.S.