Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Got All Crabby

Just a quick follow-up to the great big CrabFest last weekend.  It was a hit!  According to the Trip, 600-800 people showed up which was twice the expected attendance.

I was there pretty briefly right from the start, but apparently about 500 pounds of crab got up and walked out of the place and they ran out of everything else by 6:45.

Congratulations, Bill, pretty successful!

Some pics, mostly from the Trip:
The Chart Room's crab bisque won the award for crabbiest dish  (While I don't do the crabby-thing myself, they have been a favorite venue of ours since we arrived).

Most importantly, the proceeds all went to North Coast Marine Mammal Center (where Angie volunteers), Del Norte County Animal Shelter and F.A.T. Cat Haven.

And there's your taste of the Redwood Coast for now.

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