Saturday, February 13, 2010

They Call Me MISTER Horse

This post is about a neighbor and good friend of the Dude. He's just called Mr. Horse but he's been a fixture around here for a long time. The Dude loves him and when he goes for a walk they come to the fence and bump noses.

For the last couple of days, Mr. Horse has been under the weather. He's been lying down in the field and is having a hard time getting up. Horse is getting on in years. He's now 34! That's a lot of time to gallop by even if you're not a horse.

I wanted to take some pictures to commemorate him, especially if his time is coming to an end. Mr. Horse has been a pretty good guy. Never stole money or consorted with prostitutes.

He's been a good buddy to the Dude and been a credit to the family that owns him. What more can you ask of a horse?

So here's Mr. Horse:

Mr. Horse

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