Friday, January 08, 2010

Rare Occurrence

75% the rare "musical Court" will pop up from his hole long enough to perform on piano for a few hours, publicly, next Friday, January 15th.

My good friend and business advisor Barbara has invited me to perform at the 1st Annual Crescent City Artwalk to be held at the new Art Gallery on H Street.

Just this morning I was summoned down to San Francisco for meetings next week. If all goes well, I'll be back home by Wednesday, but there's a slight chance I'll get held over and have to miss the ArtWalk.

If things work out and I make it back here, then I'll be there from 4-6pm, performing. I haven't performed in 10 years now. I'm actually curious to see if I can still do it. No new music here, just playing the "hits" (and other people's hits at that). I have arrangements of Myers' Cavatina, Quincy Jones' Grace, and a few others that I've transcribed for piano over the years that I'd like to hear.

Don't know if there'll be any recording. Hope so. Might not happen again before the next solar eclipse...

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