Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hot Roddin'

What's new around ComputeSpace?  Werner and I are working on a consolidation project to bring down some of our operational costs.  

I've been using 3 64-bit PCs to do most of the development. One for graphics, one for audio, and one for program code (Java, JavaFX, Flex, etc.).

We're rolling them all onto one mighty Sun workstation that's been tricked out to do the job of three.  

The Sun Ultra 27 with 8GB RAM (come on, Spartantech!), 1TB internal disk, 4TB RAID (lots of astro data!), Quad-core CPU, and NVIDIA FX Quadro 580 graphics.

75% less power and only 25% as much admin time.

All of the Windows tools will now be running in virtual containers under OpenSolaris, our OS of choice for ComputeSpace.  

We may have a few systems for sale soon...

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