Thursday, August 20, 2009


Lots accomplished on the project and we're rolling downhill, picking up speed, as we approach the launch. Looks as if we'll be doing some live demos in a couple of months at the CA Science Ed conference.

However things work out, it's really been an amazing year getting to work on ComputeSpace and work with a team of really cool people. I couldn't have been luckier winding up with Werner, Jeri, Bob, Kevin, and Talia. It's been a great feeling knowing they're there even though I haven't exploited them yet as much as I will in the near future.

And our business counsel, Barbara, has been a tireless supporter, adviser, and cheerleader here in Del Norte County.

Doing this project really is like jumping off a cliff and trying to assemble the airplane on the way down. I can see why my dad found it exhilarating. Whether things work out well or poorly, there's no such thing as a boring day.

A couple of weeks of web testing ahead. Then, next stop, Ashland, OR.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom turns 88 years old today. Still doing pretty well and a fixture in her kids', grandkids', and great-grandkids' lives!

I'm 800 miles away on this birthday but I'm glad Jasmyne is taking her and a few friends to lunch.