Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here Comes the Pitch!!

I'm in a very rainy Crescent City today, pitching the ecstasy of a world with ComputeSpace in it to a very nice banker.

Cover your eyes, Mom! I asked for some money!

Why, you ask, would a seemingly smart and principled guy such as me want to get in bed with morally-compromised banking types?

  1. If I really want Johnny and Janey to get to learn astronomy in this very cool way we've devised, someones going to have to dig deep and give us some love. (BTW, since this is being marketed to rural regions I guess that should be little Clem and Bobby Sue).
  2. It's America, dudes. Time is money and money is time and we all want Johnny, Janey, Clem, or Bobby Sue to get their hands on this thing before I start getting Social Security.
  3. However lefty, geeky, academic, or hippy I am, I'm also the son of a (Republican) business man. I like money. It looks good, feels good, smells good, tastes good. I want the bank to gimme some more of it. I want to take a bath in it and rub it all over my body. Then I want to deploy ComputeSpace around the planet, pop open a cold one and take my dog fishing out on the lake.
...and here comes the pitch...she swings and...it's...

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