Sunday, October 18, 2009

Doggy Discipline Days

Yesterday, the Dude finally got his cone off after two weeks. He's been wearing the cone to keep him from fussing with a would he got in the front yard (probably scrapping with a cat). He hasn't been able to play outside for a while to give himself a chance to heal properly.

He'd just gotten his cone off and Angie open the front door to go out when he exploded out the door and down the road to chase all the cats next door. He ignored our calls, the cats took off and he chased them off into the forest bounding the lake. I ran after him and into the forest yelling for him to come back. Apparently, the cat got away and I could seem him hiding in the underbrush. He knew he was in a spot of trouble with me.

The Dude took off in the opposite direction coming out of the trees and hiding under Angie by the time I got back.

Needless to say, someone was dealt with rather harshly.

Today I walked down to the general store for a few items and my morning chat with the owner. I noticed the people on the farm next door have a new pit bull. At least I've never seen it before. It ran up to the fence and made a big fuss as I walked by. Eventually, a guy came out of the house and called it back.

On the way back, I was on the opposite side of the street but the pit bull came out hollering and fussing at the fence. Then it ran across the yard and came out the front gates, ran across the highway and tried to attack me. I yelled and came at it and it backed up into the highway where it was almost struck by an oncoming car. The owner heard the commotion and called the dog back in.

I can tell a grievous accident is about to happen with that dog. I'm usually in my car, but Angela and the Dude are not. Not to mention 50mph traffic whizzing along Lake Earl Drive.

All to say that we all need to get more control over our pets. In these troubled times, few of us can afford the results of failing to properly discipline them.

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