Friday, September 25, 2009

A Special Lunchwallk with the Dude

Today was my birthday and I stayed in because I'm working on a deadline. But around lunchtime the Dude was pretty bored and wanted to get out.

He said something to the effect of " Hey Man, let's roll up to Gold Beach for lunch. It's your birthday!". I probably should have stayed glued to my computer but I decided "Why not?" and grabbed the Dude's leash. "You're drivin'." he panted.

It was a beautiful day on the coast and we took a stop at Whalehead Beach.

I thought we'd drop in to the Porthole Cafe and get a bite. Actually, the Porthole was pretty crowded when we got there. Turistas! And there was no place available to eat outside.

Only then the Dude confessed he didn't have any money. "No pockets!" he muttered. Though he attempted to get me to take him to Nor'Western for some steak.

Dudes with no money get kibble.

We drove up to Humbug State Park and walked along the river and he had some lunch. I didn't get anything until we got back to California.

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