Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Return to Running

Once upon a time I was a runner. I used to put in at least 15 miles a day in my 30's. Most of my friends know that Angie and I met through running Ocean Beach.

It's been a long time and I spend way too much time sitting at a desk in front of a hot computer these days.

I'm slowly taking it back up. It doesn't feel good yet, but it starting to feel less bad :-)

Right now I'm doing a 5 mile circuit from the office to 24-hour Fitness and back.

No big plans. Just want to have fun running again. Though I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a pair of 30-year old knees. These 54-year old ones I have are doing quite a bit of complaining!

Here's my path:

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Another Birthday Party!

My buddy Talia's family threw a 95th birthday party for her grandmom (affectionately known as Dot Dot).

I first met Dot Dot when Tal and I were working together in Los Angeles back in the 80's.  We threw a surprise 23rd birthday party for Tal and Dot Dot provided the New Orleans touch.  Gumbo for everybody!

Sorry I couldn't be there, but a very happy birthday to you, Dot Dot!

Thanks for the pics, Tal.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where are Angie and Ostaajje Today?

Submitted by Jennifer Henion

Show off your dog at the first-ever Coastal Canine Olympics, brought to you by the Humane Society of Del Norte on Saturday, Sept. 27, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds.

Win fabulous items for your dog and for you with a raffle!

Olympic medals will go to all first-place winners; ribbons for second and third; and gourmet biscuits to all participants. (All events subject to change according to show committee's whims!)

Lunch includes grilled hot dogs, Polish dogs, chips and soda for under 5 bucks, plus treats and water for the poochy!

Entries will be accepted from 11 to 11:30 a.m. Cost is $10 per dog and one human (only one dog per human); $5 per spectator; and $2 for kids under 12. All proceeds go to the HSDN spay/neuter fund.

Nice dogs only are allowed! All dogs will be screened for health and friendliness at the door. Humans must wear family friendly attire.

Sponsors include Parkway Feed, Crescent Hay & Feed, PetSmart and Woof's Bakery

At the judges table will be Rene Shanle-Hutsel, Mitzi Travis, Tami Wakefield and Carolyn Westbrook.

Judged events:

• Puppy dash: 11 yards, no leash, ages 3 to 6 months

• Agility course: Amateurs welcome

• Best Trick: Show off your dog's skills

• Meatball relay: You, your dog on a leash, a plastic spoon filled with meat handed off relay-style

• Costume contest: Does your dog wear outfits?

• Best Photo of your dog: Bring only one!

• Bobbing for dogs: Big water pail, 10 Vienna sausages

• Most Unusual Mutt: Is your dog funny-looking?

• Best Howler: Howling on command

• Best Tail Wag: Judges use sweet talk to get tail going

• Parade of Champions: Event winners line up first, followed by all other participants

Good Luck, Dude!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

One More Revolution

Well, as of 5am this morning I seem to have completed 54 trips around the solar system intact.

All in all, grateful for the opportunity. I've encountered a lot of great souls and I can honestly say "Never a Dull Moment!".

Special thanks to Mom, Angie, Canadian Kevin, and John for giving me a very pleasant morning with my tea.

And now it's time for me to go make the world's networks a safe place for work and play! ;-)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Werner's a Grandfather!

My buddy, Werner, joined the elite group known as Grandpas at 11:02am today. Here's his first grandson, Robert. Congrats, big guy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lunchwalking with Court

Today shows a short lunchwalk around the  offices where I work in Redwood Shores.  It's pretty pleasant.  More to come.