Friday, August 29, 2008

Been Busy

It's been a while since I updated this blog. Apologies to all. I've been busy coordinating quite a few changes in my situation lately.

  • First, I need to send out a formal farewell to my friends at Cittio. We've parted ways and I'm doing something else now. The divorce was amicable and, in fact, they've been nice enough to donate some equipment for the ComputeSpace Project.

  • I spent most of August vacationing at home on the Redwood Coast, hanging out with Angie and The Dude, running along the beach for a couple of hours every morning. Finally got around to putting my weight bench back together (It's been packed up since we bought the house!) and pumping a little iron, too.

  • Negotiations just completed with a company on the peninsula (which shall remain nameless for now) and I'll be starting engineering work for them right after the Memorial Day Weekend.

  • Started work on a book about storage architecture for scientific environments in conjunction with getting my SCSNE professional certification (That's a Storage Networking Expert certification) and the plan is to complete both by next March.

  • Established a relationship with one of the charter schools here in Crescent City. They'll be the test platform for the ComputeSpace software. More to come about that.

While I was home my sister-in-law, Dawn, came for a visit and we spent a day at the County Fair. Here are a few pictures:

Finally, Welcome back to America, Bob and Brigitte!!