Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Dude Graduates!

The Dude will be 7 months old next weekend. Today he graduated obedience school! I was there, of course, to see the Dude in his milieu.

Turns out the Dude is the only boy in the class. He's quite popular!

For graduation, each of the dogs and her owner got to show off what they had learned. I must admit that the Dude did an excellent job (though I freely acknowledge any percieved bias).

As a big proponent of higher education, I should note that Ostaajje will be taking an advanced training class this August.

For the Dude's take on all of this, here's the link.


Bob said...

Congrats to Dude and parents.

So how soon is he going on the grad school?


Court said...

After a few well-deserved weeks off to play Frisbee and the like, the Dude will be starting his advanced training in August!