Monday, March 03, 2008

I've been under-the-weather lately so I've been working from home since Thursday. Planning on getting back to the Bay Area on Tuesday.

So I got to come home and see Angie and the Dude. The Dude is getting huge, of course. He's still a big baby and just wants to play. He's only 4 months old.

Angie seemed pretty happy I decided to drop in for a visit. We had a nice weekend just hanging out together and walking around town with the Dude.

The house is starting to need a fair amount of work since I'm not home very often. I may consider taking some time off after the Failover is released this month so I can take care of responsibilities around here.

Anyway, we're getting our first Starbuck's in just walking distance up Cooper Street from us. There are those who might say Crescent City has finally "arrived". Since I have a certain daughter who wouldn't set foot in a place that had no Starbucks, rest assured dear.

I haven't been to the beach at all while I've been home but I hope to get over there tomorrow before I leave.

I've been revamping the Lunchwalk so next week, expect a new and improved Lunchwalk feature.

That's about all for now. Gotta put the wolfy Dude in his kennel and get some shuteye myself.

Hope you're having fun!

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