Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hectic times. Finalizing my work on the Failover before release and starting on a new project called Scale-Out. Also writing a gravity mapping application for ComputeSpace.

I came home for a few days and hung out with Angie and the Dude who is getting to be quite a big boy. He's twice the size he was when I brought him home. And he's quite rambunctious!

On Sunday we all went down to the beach at low tide and let His Wolfiness explore the tide pools:

It's been raining for about 3 weeks and the storms have definitely taken there toll on our place. A lot of fixing ahead but I got called back to San Francisco for a meeting this week, so it may be another week or more before I have any time to get things fixed.

Here are some pictures of the damage:

A dead sperm whale washed up on the beach and had to be buried. The town will dig up the bones in about a year. I can provide a few pictures but they're nothing without the smell, trust me:

The Dude started obedience classes (or should I say, we did?). He had a big day and it tuckered him out:

I wish I could write more and wax poetic about winters on the Redwood Coast or something about the work getting done but, frankly, I'm pretty exhausted. At some point I'll get to that. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

BTW, for the Dude's take on things, check out his latest blog entry here!

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