Wednesday, December 26, 2007

End of the Year Reflections

Staring my end of the year reflections this week. It's an ongoing work that I'll be adding to right up 00:00:00 1/1/2008.

Here's the link

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Great New Year's!!

By the way, I was amused by this answer to a problem on this year's Maryland Math Olympiad for 2007, High School Division

Each point in the plane is colored either red or green. Let ABC be a fixed triangle. Prove that there is a triangle DEF in the plane such that DEF is similar to ABC and the vertices of DEF all have the same color.

The answer?

I like to think that we live in a world where points are not judged by their color, but by the content of their character. Color should be irrelevant in the the plane. To prove that there exists a group of points where only one color is acceptable is a reprehensible act of bigotry and discrimination.

My ex-math nerd daughter might still appreciate that one. And, Talia, what are you guys teaching these MD kids?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

First Weekend

Okay, not going to to write a journal of the days of my dog (Angie will no doubt do that) but this is the completion of the Dude's first weekend.

He's still in a state of discovery which is fun to watch. He loves to nibble on my socks with my feet still in them (first habit to break).

Generally, His Royal Blackness has been in good spirits as long as one of us doesn't leave the room. Then he becomes Tony Soprano having a panic attack.

Tonight he made it very clear that he would protect us from the menacing hairbrush! He circles it and barks at the stiff bristles informing them that they'd better stay put!

I'll be leaving tonight so he's gonna get a chance to forget me before next Friday night.

It's stormy here so I hope the roads are stilll clear when I take off for San Francisco tonight.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our New Dog Comes Home

I picked this little guy up at SFO yesterday evening. He spent most of the evening crying his heart out.

This morning he was better after spending the night cuddled up with Angie.

For reasons known only to her, Angie has named him Ostaajje, though I, as is my wont, just call him The Dude or Duder or El Duderino if you're not into that whole brevity thing.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tomorrow is New Dog Day at Our House

I'm due to pick up our latest addition tomorrow afternoon at
<--SFO and then head for home. The little guy is just 8 weeks old and is taking a long and difficult trip to get to his destination. First, a plane trip from Texas and then a long drive through California. Tomorrow's going to be one tough day for at least one of us. I'll document the immigration from TX and get it up on the site this weekend I suppose. Spent the last couple of days locked away in my room doing analysis and getting over a little bout of under-the-weatherness. For the past week and a half I've been analyzing some disk I/O problems at a Boeing subsidiary, but now it looks like I'll be returning to completing the Failover Project. I ran into my CEO this morning who (only half-jokingly) asked me if the Failover was ready to go today.

No pressure though. -->

Next week, I'll be packing up and leaving my digs of the past half-year in Glen Park. I had a really good time and Carole was a good landlady and friend. I hope we'll stay in touch.

For a while, I'll be sharing a house with Wallace,
my former neighbor, back in Castro Valley while
I'm completing the Failover and a few other projects. -->

ComputeSpace is starting to get cranked up. I'm writing a web database tool for use in organizing the astronomy curricula from different states. 2 days behind schedule on that.

I'll be home in the recliner, knocking back a cold one (diet Coke!) for Christmas and spending some quality time with my loved ones (Pebble Beach and the Jed Smith Forest). Angie can come, too.

Then we'll be performing a trans-California injection maneuver and winding up in L.A. to hang out with Mom, kids, grandkids, cousins, etc. If we time it right, along the way we'll catch up with Michele, Shirley, Carole, Wallace, Roberto, Patrick, Gary, Dave and Greta, and Jean. It's a lot like planning Voyager encounters.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pictures from Diana

Diana Kalienky is a really nice lady whom I've had the pleasure of working with at Cittio. She's currently on sabbatical in Ghana setting up a school and she just sent a batch of pictures out. Here they are:

Thanks, Diana.

Friday, December 07, 2007

What's New?

Staying another weekend in Science Fiction city to work on the Failover Testing. Wrapping up the last of the work on Mom's house this month and trying to get all the kids to come home for Christmas.

Things are also cranking up with ComputeSpace so I plan to be doing some traveling over the next few months. L.A. in December, Nebraska in January, Hawaii in February, Palm Springs in March. Not to mention whatever traveling I have to do to support the Failover for a while.

Expect lots of pictures over the next few months and some changes in the format of this blog.

One of the first additions is a link to The Court Sessions, an op-ed blog I've started to yap about all kinds of opinionated and politically incorrect stuff that doesn't really belong on the ComputeSpace blog. This is a direct result of my daughter Jasmyne's influence on me, so blame her.

FAIR WARNING: If you want to keep an untarnished opinion if me as a nice guy, The Court Sessions is NOT for you. I used to be a very nice guy, but the last 20 years have been a bit rough on my sensibilities. I don't think I need to be that nice anymore. My wife is nice enough for both of us anyway.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Goin' South

In the middle of a very busy week. Lost nearly a week on the Failover Project, mostly working on something else, and I'm leaving tonight for L.A. Finally signing off on the renovations on Mom's house (at last!)

I'll only be in L.A. for a day. Back in the office Thursday morning.

It's been bad weather up at our place on the North Coast. Big storm pummeling the Pacific Northwest. Angie says power's been on and off. 35 foot swells at the beach.

We're getting down to the wire on releasing the Failover so I won't be heading home this weekend. Staying put and doing testing. I'll take a couple of weeks at home after it goes out the door.

Cranking up on writing ComputeSpace. Our first big deadline is December 21st. That'll determine if we'll be showing at this year's CUE conference in Palm Springs. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also, I'm looking for someone to help with designing a logo for ComputeSpace. If you know anyone who'd like to give it a shot (on spec) give me a shout.