Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Do the Right Thing, Dave!

I have met my civic responsibility by informing Dave Sakamoto that today is National Boston Creme Pie Day. That's National Boston Creme Pie Day, Dave. It's your patriotic duty to make sure your worker bees are supplied with the pie. When you don't buy the pie, the terrorists win!

Do the right thing, Dave!

Monday, October 22, 2007

A Birthday Shout Out to Jobie

Happy birthday to my friend Jobina (nee Jobie). We've been friends for 22 years now. We started out as teachers and she turned me on to studying economics.

She was a great friend to my daughters during some tough times and I've always appreciated her for that.

She made a big change this year. Now she's living the life in San Diego and doing nursing as a profession.

Happy birthday, Buddy.

Today at 5pm PDT, my first-born daughter Jasmyne turns 30! Congratulations, Jasmyne. She's come a long way in 30 years and I'm very proud of her accomplishments. I'm sad that we won't get a chance to be together today, but Jasmyne is a very "Busy-B" these days shuttling back and forth from DC to L.A.

I have a special present for you, B. When you come to the Redwoods, I'll spring it on you.

Love, Dad

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Tale of the Teapot

The best thing we did during my stay in Vegas requires a little backstory.

I'm a great fan of tea drinking. In particular, I'm fond of a lot of British and Japanese teas.

18 years ago, when she was 10 years old, Jorjanna gave me a very nice Lodge Tea Kettle for my birthday and I made her a promise that we would "season" the kettle together and share the first pot of tea.

Later, I left Los Angeles for Berkeley and we never got to have that pot of tea. But I always hoped that we would so I kept the pot in it's original box and never used it.

For some reason, later on we just never seemed to get around to it.

So on this trip, I brought the teapot with me and, at long last, we shared that first pot. I have some pictures below and, in one, you'll see a very happy dad with his sweetheart! Love you, sweetie!
My Last Day in Las Vegas

This was my last day in Las Vegas. I stayed at the Emerald Suites Tropicana just across I-15 from the strip. Can't recommend it. Since this isn't a hotel review I won't get into it. Just pass on it.

Jorjanna and Sebastian took me to lunch at the Hofbrauhaus which was a complete reverse of the laid back quiet dinner we had the night before.

Raucous and fun, a transplanted Bavarian Beer Garden with a lot of character. Unfortunately, no beer for Court, but it was still great.

The musicians pulled out the flugelhorns and alphorns and cranked things up.

We wrapped up with a contest to see who could hold a stein filled with water out at arm's length for the longest time. Last man standing held out for 5 minutes and 7 seconds.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Viva, LV!!

Sneaked across the border out of Failover-Land for the weekend. Just long enough to attend my daughter Jorjanna's Cutomer Service award luncheon by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

We had a great time and I met the doctor she works for and had a chance to chat. The mayor and the governor were both there and entertainment was by ventriloquist Ronn Lucas who was hilarious.

The event was at the Rio where Penn and Teller make their base.

Afterwards, I did my turista thing for a while and then Jorjanna, fiance Sebastian, and I went to Quark's for dinner.

Sebastian's from Germany and seems like a pretty cool guy. If Jorjanna thinks this is the guy then I'm cool with him.

Here are a few highlights from the day:

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome to Failover Land!

We're coming down to the wire over at Cittio on my first big project for them. I've been eating,drinking, and sleeping in Failover Land for a while now.

I've just been joined by my colleague Matt Matson whose helping me get to the finish line next month.

Thanks for the help, Matt!