Friday, December 07, 2007

What's New?

Staying another weekend in Science Fiction city to work on the Failover Testing. Wrapping up the last of the work on Mom's house this month and trying to get all the kids to come home for Christmas.

Things are also cranking up with ComputeSpace so I plan to be doing some traveling over the next few months. L.A. in December, Nebraska in January, Hawaii in February, Palm Springs in March. Not to mention whatever traveling I have to do to support the Failover for a while.

Expect lots of pictures over the next few months and some changes in the format of this blog.

One of the first additions is a link to The Court Sessions, an op-ed blog I've started to yap about all kinds of opinionated and politically incorrect stuff that doesn't really belong on the ComputeSpace blog. This is a direct result of my daughter Jasmyne's influence on me, so blame her.

FAIR WARNING: If you want to keep an untarnished opinion if me as a nice guy, The Court Sessions is NOT for you. I used to be a very nice guy, but the last 20 years have been a bit rough on my sensibilities. I don't think I need to be that nice anymore. My wife is nice enough for both of us anyway.


Angela said...

I consider my self pre warned.
Oh yea, thanks for saying
I was nice...

Angela said...
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