Sunday, December 16, 2007

First Weekend

Okay, not going to to write a journal of the days of my dog (Angie will no doubt do that) but this is the completion of the Dude's first weekend.

He's still in a state of discovery which is fun to watch. He loves to nibble on my socks with my feet still in them (first habit to break).

Generally, His Royal Blackness has been in good spirits as long as one of us doesn't leave the room. Then he becomes Tony Soprano having a panic attack.

Tonight he made it very clear that he would protect us from the menacing hairbrush! He circles it and barks at the stiff bristles informing them that they'd better stay put!

I'll be leaving tonight so he's gonna get a chance to forget me before next Friday night.

It's stormy here so I hope the roads are stilll clear when I take off for San Francisco tonight.

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