Monday, July 16, 2007

Transitioning to the New Cittio

Hung out with Hooch on Friday and Saturday. Saturday night I got a note from Dave Sakamoto at Cittio that all the engineers were requested to come in Sunday and get the new data center installed by Monday morning.

So I took off at dawn on Sunday morning and headed back to the Bay Area. Here are a few pictures of what home looks like when the early morning sun is peeking over the horizon:

I made it to the new building at about 11am. Things were still pretty raw. Lots of boxes and cables but no Cittio yet: Here's a quick encapsulation of the "before"...

...and "after"...

Lots more to be done but it's starting to look like the new and improved Cittio. No inexpensive parking though. I'll be BARTing into the office all the time now. See you on the train.

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