Monday, July 30, 2007

Berkeley Kite Festival

Angie and Hooch drove down for this year's Berkeley Kite Festival. I brought my new double rotor kite. It was an absolutely perfect day for kites at the Berkeley Marina.
I had a great time just zoning out and getting into the wind. Took it up to 550 ft and it performed flawlessly.

Here are a few pictures:

Berkeley Kite Festival 2007

A Note about Hooch...

After the Festival, Angie and I delivered Hooch to our good friends Bob and Brigette . He's going to live with them from now on. He couldn't ask for a better loving home and I know he'll have a good life with them.

Angie has other plans to acquire a Black German Shepherd puppy.

Hooch is a really great dog with a good heart. I'll miss him a lot but I'll see him because I have dinner with Bob and Brigitte fairly often.

Several of my friends have asked me why I allowed Hooch to go. This mystifies me since all of you guys are married too. It's not much of a challenge to love your wife when she's doing something sane, now is it guys?

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