Monday, June 18, 2007

Had a terrific weekend starting with the Cittio party. Here are just a few images from the Friday get-together.

Then Angie and Hooch drove down Friday night so we could attend Vertuical Challenge 2007 at the Hiller Aviation Museum.

It was Hooch's first time staying in a hotel. Elevators seemed to blow his mind for about a day but then he got pretty cool about it.

We met with our good friend Roberto for breakfast at the Sky Cafe in the morning.

Then Hooch and Roberto got acquainted.

After that we hit the show:

After that we went over to Bob and Brgita's for a BBQ:

We all had a great time, Angie and Hooch are safely back home, and I'm back on the job.

Note: Pics from my L.A. trip this weekend are coming.

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