Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our Friend Wallace

Well, we just managed to take out a loan to finish up all the work that needs to be done on my mom's house in L.A. It was a long, tedious process and I want to thank my buddy and former neighbor Wallace for all the help.

When the first lender I went to wanted to charge us quite a bit of money, Wallace stepped in and felt that we could do a lot better. He hooked us up and got us a very good rate and terms and hung in there with us for the (seemingly) endless rounds of property inspections until the process was complete.

He really held our hands through the whole trial. Thanks much, buddy.

This may sound like an ad ( and I guess in a way it is) but, seriously, if you're thinking of buying a house or getting a loan or refinancing or any of that stuff I really do recommend that you talk to my friend Wallace. He'll come through for you.

If you want to catch up with him, here's the info:

Wallace Stull
Diablo Funding
100 Park Place
Suite 200
San Ramon, CA 94583

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