Saturday, March 03, 2007

For those far away, while working downtown on Saturday I went to the Chinese New Years Day Parade. It was terrific! The picture links to my album of some of the highlights. Check them out!

Also wanted to give a belated "Happy Birthday" to my buddy Roberto. He's been graciously putting me up while I'm in the Bay Area working and also keeping me company when I can't go home. I caught this shot after bringing home a small birthday cake to celebrate.

Thanks, dude!

Finally, I hope my East Coast friends availed themselves of the opportunity to see the lunar eclipse and share it with their kids. It was too early in the day for us Pacific Coasters to see it.


Bob said...

I tried to see it at moon rise but it was too far over into the penumbra to see anything other than a slightly red hue. See the NASA charts:

Bob said...
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