Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Double Feature: The Cast of the "Cittio Show" and More LunchWalking.

These are the people I spend most of my time hanging with these days. They are, to a person, great to work with.

The Walk was down Folsom Street to the Bay.

More Lunchtime Walking

Went under the Bay Bridge and over to AT&T Park during lunchtime. Boy, the area has changed since Angie and I used to jog through it. Here are a few pictures for those of you who miss the City.


Monday, March 19, 2007

I got to go home this weekend and hang out with Angie. On the weekends she volunteers with the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center doing animal rescues and releases. I was invited to come along and I figured if the President can be the "decider", certainly I can be the "documenter". (Shouldn't the President be the "Presider"?)

Anyway, here's the show featuring my better half!

Marine Mammal Center

Saturday, March 03, 2007

For those far away, while working downtown on Saturday I went to the Chinese New Years Day Parade. It was terrific! The picture links to my album of some of the highlights. Check them out!

Also wanted to give a belated "Happy Birthday" to my buddy Roberto. He's been graciously putting me up while I'm in the Bay Area working and also keeping me company when I can't go home. I caught this shot after bringing home a small birthday cake to celebrate.

Thanks, dude!

Finally, I hope my East Coast friends availed themselves of the opportunity to see the lunar eclipse and share it with their kids. It was too early in the day for us Pacific Coasters to see it.
Last night, at the 38th Annual NAACP awards, Isaiah Washington won the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Why is it in my blog? Because he got up to the podium and thanked my daughter Jasmyne.

I'm not impressed that a famous person thanked my daughter or that an actor thanked my daughter. I'm deeply impressed that people respect and care about Jasmyne so much that we get the occasional public display of affection we saw last night at the awards.

Back in 1989, I took a year away from teaching to spend working with my dad in his auto repair shop before leaving L.A. for Cal Berkeley. In that time I got to see how respected and revered he seemed to be by his colleagues in the business as well as his competitors. I've always been very proud of my dad and I certainly set that goal for myself to be respected in my own field the way he was in his.

So to see my first-born daughter come so far and to see the genuine affection and respect that people have for her in her chosen profession as well as to see how they care for her as a human being is everything this parent could hope for his child.

So, to me, it wasn't so much Isaiah Washington winning the award. It was really Jasmyne winning the most important award of all and I'm proud of her for that.

Keep it going, kid!