Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yesterday we took off for a while and had lunch at Aki (Japanese Restaurant) on Hearst across the street from the campus. (Bob was right. I almost settled for a cup of noodles at my desk!) We talked out some first-level user interface stuff and the ramifications of using java for the project.

We may use Glassfish for the app server pending benchmarking.

The chicken teriyaki udon was good and the prices aren't bad. If you're in Berkeley, check 'em out. (Beware of difficult parking though).


My friend Fred says the karma will be great for us having pulled off this project. Wow, that sounds noble.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brilliant Bob

I was developing a very technical interface to ComputeSpace based on my own telescope usage but Bob suggested a completely different metaphor to use.

He was absolutely right. The more I think about it, ComputeSpace will be made or broken on how intuitive it is to use and learn from, not only for students but for instructors as well. I've started developing the new interface (which is very "natural") and I've added a couple of navigational perks called "thresholding" and "fall-away". If possible, I'll be posting the demo after Christmas or New Year's. If you're reading this, come back then and play around with the new interface and give us some feedback.

Many thanks to Jonathan Schwarz and everybody at Sun for GPL'ing Java! As a Sun specialist (and stockholder) I say "May the rising tide lift your boat!"

Monday, November 27, 2006

Bob has returned from a month in London so we'll be getting together on code next week as soon as he gets over the flu, jet lag, etc.

Then I'll be on a working vacation up at our house on the Lost Coast (where it's been raining gatos and perros).

With luck, I'll be able to post a short demo around the beginning of the year.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Good News!

Mom came through major surgery like a champ! The doctors are very pleased with her progress so far and she's getting back to normal. A big relief here.

Torrance Memorial Hospital:

The Cannick tribe has officially left the building (Sister Joyce, Wife Angie,Aunt Blanche, Niece Jenet and fiance Adam, Daughter Jasmyne, Cousins Yvonne and Maxine, and all Mom's friends from the Kingdom Hall)!

Thanks to Talia, Roberto, Wallace and Nancy, and my SETI colleagues for all your kindnesses. Pat, your call was appreciated.

After 2 weeks off, I'll be returning to the code barn to start some fresh milking next week.

Thanks to all who wrote me after the tsunami wondering whether our Crescent City home was damaged. We were in the Bay Area this week so I won't know for certain until we get home tonight.

As far as I've been able to find out most of the damage was limited to the harbor about 5 minutes South of us. 2 docks were destroyed and a third was damaged and several boats received a lot of damage as well. Haven't heard of any homes being damaged.

Also, many thanks to Wallace, Nancy, and Mr. Beamer for throwing us a wonderful farewell dinner last night (our final one in Castro Valley). You guys are great. The first class tickets are in the mail...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Did a little coding but we're gonna be off for a while. Maybe until Bob gets back in December. My mom is very ill and I'm going to Los Angeles to be with her. We'll still make our deadline somehow...
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