Friday, November 17, 2006

Good News!

Mom came through major surgery like a champ! The doctors are very pleased with her progress so far and she's getting back to normal. A big relief here.

Torrance Memorial Hospital:

The Cannick tribe has officially left the building (Sister Joyce, Wife Angie,Aunt Blanche, Niece Jenet and fiance Adam, Daughter Jasmyne, Cousins Yvonne and Maxine, and all Mom's friends from the Kingdom Hall)!

Thanks to Talia, Roberto, Wallace and Nancy, and my SETI colleagues for all your kindnesses. Pat, your call was appreciated.

After 2 weeks off, I'll be returning to the code barn to start some fresh milking next week.

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Bob said...

Not sure if this got published already, just wanted to wish you and your Mom all the best.

Bob B