Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brilliant Bob

I was developing a very technical interface to ComputeSpace based on my own telescope usage but Bob suggested a completely different metaphor to use.

He was absolutely right. The more I think about it, ComputeSpace will be made or broken on how intuitive it is to use and learn from, not only for students but for instructors as well. I've started developing the new interface (which is very "natural") and I've added a couple of navigational perks called "thresholding" and "fall-away". If possible, I'll be posting the demo after Christmas or New Year's. If you're reading this, come back then and play around with the new interface and give us some feedback.

Many thanks to Jonathan Schwarz and everybody at Sun for GPL'ing Java! As a Sun specialist (and stockholder) I say "May the rising tide lift your boat!"

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